Hilarious Reactions: Yomi Fabiyi Drags His Newborn Baby to Court Over Who Has Rights to be Breastfeeding As He Reaches Agreement With Him (Video)

Popular Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi, got most of his fans talking after sharing a hilarious video of an imaginary court proceeding The actor dragged his newborn baby, Akorede to court over the boy’s insistence on being the owner of his mother’s bosom The new dad felt uncomfortable with the idea and the two parties agreed on days that they will be sharing what caused the dispute.

All seems not to be well between actor, Yomi Fabiyi and his newborn baby, Akorede as the little feels he owns his mother’s bosom and wants it all to himself. The aggrieved actor decided to drag the baby to an alternative dispute resolution where they had the issue partially resolved.

Yomi who felt cheated by the boy’s addiction to what they should be sharing together created the imaginary court proceeding and made his baby swear as they agreed on days they will be sharing what caused the dispute.

He said:

“If anyone is not comfortable with this, get him a lawyer. He has begged me and swore on oath.”

Watch the video below;

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