“Helen Paul: Meet Her Husband, Her Lovely Children And See Her Beautiful Pictures

Helen Paul, better known by her stage as Tatafo, is a brilliant Nollywood actress, singer, comedian, and media personality. She was born on January 29, 1978, in Lagos, Nigeria.
In Lagos, she was raised by her grandmother. She attended UNILAG (University of Lagos) after completing her primary and secondary schooling, earning a Bachelor’s (2010), Master’s (2012), and Doctorate’s (2019) degree in Theatre Arts.
The gifted actress began her career at Eko FM as a front desk manager. She eventually left Eko FM to pursue a career as a singer and voice-over artist. She has collaborated with well-known artists like as P-Square, Infinity, Yinka Davies, and Olufunmi on a number of songs. She released her first album, “Welcome Party,” in 2012.
Helen is married to Femi Bamisile, a gorgeous man. They are the proud parents of four beautiful children.

Here are some photos of her, her spouse, and her kids:


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