‘Give us another chance’, Nollywood Actor Yomi Fabiyi pray to God as he weeps for Nigeria

This is coming after Nigerians were killed by men of the armed forces during the peacefull protest over police brutality and corruption themed; #ENDSARS Protest.

Yomi Fabiyi took to his Instagram page to question if God is still there and share a video of himself and other Nigerians protesting all through the night.

He wrote:


One of those nights I did a solo VIGIL PROTEST on the #endsars in Assembly Gate, Alausa. I campaigned and have it transmitted online. I choose a peaceful and painful means hoping that God will listen and I know our sacrifices and supplications are not in vain.

Hello God, are you still listening? Heal Nigeria and give us another chance. The suffering of the people are so much 😭😭😭😭”

Watch the video below:


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