Four Points The Wife of Ooni of Ife Gave As She Announces Her Divorce From Monarch (Detail)

The wife of the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi (jájá II), Prophetess Naomi Silekunola, has proclaimed that she will no longer be addressed as the Queen of Ile-Ife.

She announced this on Thursday during which she made some points to clear the air over what people may have heard about her in the past or to inform those who may want to coin out issues out of her decision, at least they will be guided.

When something like this happens, people are sometimes fast to judge, point accusing fingers, and dabble into something they know nothing about.

First, she stated that her decision to move on was not because his majesty married another Queen. In my opinion, when a woman is going into a royal family, she may have prepared her mind to accommodate other women who the king may choose to marry later in life. If you look around some royal families today, you may hardly see a king who will marry one wife and that has never been an issue with their wives.

Secondly, she stated that their marriage was not an arranged marriage. Sometimes, because of how respected and influential a king can be, people do give them gifts and that may include betrothing a woman to the king. But with what she has said, people may no longer believe the rumor that she was introduced to the king by a prophetess.

Thirdly, she stated that her son was her first child.

Before this time, there was speculation that she has a daughter before marrying the king. The baby girl is her niece according to her and not her first daughter as people supposed.

Finally, she said religion was never the issue. Kings are seen as custodians of culture and so some people may think that someone who goes to church may not fit perfectly for a man who will attend keep attending to traditional ceremonies. But with her words, people will be guided on what to say and understand the reason for her decision better. Just like she said, “I shall be focusing on God only,”

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