Forget about love when it comes to genotype –Remi Surutu Spills

Ace actress, Remilekun Oshodi, popularly called Remi Surutu, by her friends and fans, recently celebrated her birthday. However, in an interview with Saturday Beats, she reflected on how thankful she was to God on how far He had brought her despite the agony she went through after she lost her daughter in 2017.

She noted that she never questioned God after the death of her child, adding that God knows best.

“I am grateful for my life and everything. I thank God I don’t look like what I have been through. I am immortalising my daughter soon. I’m going to establish a rehab centre in my daughter’s name for young girls who take illicit drugs. At the same time, I am going to support people living with sickle cell. All those times that I was heartbroken, I was unable to put myself together. I am just recovering, not fully but I am trying to make things work. It is not easy.

“In the ’80s, many people were not aware of the implications of sickle cell because they had never experienced it. I speak to people who are willing to listen, that it is not an easy experience. They need to check themselves to avoid bringing a beautiful child to the world and end up crying over them. Iyabo Ojo released a video on Mother’s Day that made me cry so much because I knew what I went through to have my first child and at the end of the day, she is not here to celebrate with me. I thank God that her sister is alive and she is not a sickle cell patient and God has been faithful to her,” she told Saturday Beats.

Asked for her view of peoples’ reactions to her daughter’s death and if she was blamed by anyone for being the cause of her late daughter’s condition, she noted that she wasn’t blamed by anyone and that it was obvious that she gave her child all the time, attention, and resources she required.

“People didn’t really blame me because I gave her all the time and money she needed but God knows best. She was a very gorgeous lady; no one will ever wish to lose that kind of child, but man proposes and God disposes. As many times as I can, I tell people to forget about what love is; it has nothing to do with genotype. I tell people they have to be very sure and careful. This question is a very big pain in my heart but I take solace in God. I accept anything the Lord has done for me. I never for once questioned God about it because He knows more than I do,” she said.

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