‘Feel free to overdress’ Eniola Badmus gives other celebrities the go-ahead for her 20t year on stage party

Eniola Badmus, a Nollywood actress, has agreed to let other female celebs wear their fashion statements at her upcoming party.
It’s no longer a secret that the actress is throwing a party to commemorate her 20 years in the Nigerian entertainment industry on December 9th, 2021.

Eniola Badmus is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that her party is the most talked-about event of the year, announcing that Kwam1 would be playing there.
According to the special statement she made on Instagram, the actress desires for a glitter party where colors and appearances clash and a room filled with glamour.

She expressed herself as follows:

Notices to the Public

Please feel free to dress up more than the celebrant; however, keep in mind that the dress code states that you should wear your nicest outfit from your closet as if it were your birthday.


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