Eniola Badmus becomes ‘the most h@ted Nigerian’ over choice of 2023 president

Eniola Badmus who in recent times has been adjudged one of the sexiest (if not the sexiest) Nigerian celebrities by public polls has suddenly become the most hated Nigerian in a twinkle of an eye, following her recent public declaration for Bola Tinubu, one of the presidential aspirants for the 2023 general elections.

The former chubby now curvy actress, Eniola Badmus made the public declaration hours ago on blogger Tunde Ednut’s Instagram page while responding to a poll and the act did not sit well with many of her followers.

Many of them placed cures on her and called her all sorts of unprintable names.

One Ijele wrote “Shameless Alatenuje! After all your EndSARS campaign? Tufiakwa tufaced belletivists.”

One Flora wrote “e no fit affect am na when sugar daddies dey sponsor them…Nigerian bad economy can’t affect her”

One Tinuke wrote “you’re obviously senseless, with the nonsense happening in Lagos, you still choose tinubu? Do I even blame you. Werey no go marry”

One Bright wrote “u re officially becoming one of the problems we are having in Nigeria.”

One Tinubu wrote “hmmmm you people that don’t want this country to be good na only God will judge you all. Any where belle full”

One Emmanuel wrote “don’t forget about the Lekki Massacre of oct 20,2020. This ur man was behind it”

One Ojo wrote “be like na tinubu give u slim tea wen make u reduce… so u can become pimp inside aso rock .. ode”

One Angela wrote “e no go ever better for you! Husband you no get, pikin you no get! Las las na dog go inherit all the bad money wey you dey chop!”

One Emmanuel wrote “onye ara, Nkita ofia 🐕 Sham€less she goat 🐐 E no go better for you for wishing Nigerians this.”

One Fela wrote ” when you have money you can travel to any where you like if anything happen but don’t forget you have family here in Nigeria you glutton celebrity is the only problem we have chai you want to sell us out again hmmmm so all the endsars end bad government Na scam it is well”

Interestingly, several other Nollywood celebrities have supported Bola Tinubu.

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