Nollywood actress Ada Karl has warned against labeling any Nigerian man lazy, except they have been caught laying around for 365 days.

According to the actress, looking at a Nigerian man’s physical labor and compared to other men in certain parts of the world, Nigerian men should be commended for their handwork.

Ada Karl wrote: Dont ever label any Nigerian man “Lazy” unless you have caught him “lazying around” about for 365 days straight.

I look at the physical labour of our men versus certain parts of the world and i must commend evry hardworking legit young Nigerian out there, male or female – Ada Karl.

womeninportharcourt: Ahhh the labour of this country is on another level ooo! If you make it legit , you deserve an award.

misshils0011: 👏👏👏👏Some people are really working hard but it is taking long for their hardwork to pay off.

symplymillie: Totally agree with you
This is why most Nigerians thrive in other countries
Without a good system here they still try to put food on their table🙌
You all are the best Fr

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