Nollywood actress, Damilola Adegbite took to Instagram to warn people who listen to motivational speakers.

According to the 35-year-old, so many motivational speakers are hiding the truths and lying to people. The mother of one however urged her followers to be careful on who they seek counsel from so that they would not be misled.

In her words;

“I just came across a “motivational speaker’s” post on Instagram. Be careful who you seek counsel from. Many of the people some of us follow and aspire to be like are hiding their truths. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Don’t be misled. This life. Dey your lane and take am easy”

See how some social media users reacted to this;

@tiveofrealestate wrote “Yes. Not every advice is good advice!”

@mramazing_03 wrote ” unfortunately we have a lot of sheep and people with low self esteem”

@andyblayz wrote “Clearly ! There’s a bleeding heart behind most smiles and fronts!”

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