If you are among the Kids who grew up in the 90s, then you will remember the popular kids named ‘Destiny Kids’ who was very famous for their melodious voice. Destiny Kids released so many songs in the 90s and they were role models to lots of kids. One of their popular songs titled ‘Joy Joy Joy’ was one of the popular children songs at that time.

The Destiny Kids were admired by so many people including adults because of their unique talent. Their names are Joshua, Rejoice, Caleb, Wonderful, Best, and Favour. They are the children of a pastor named Stephen Iwueze.

Rejoice Iwueze who was the young lead singer has grown into a very beautiful and educated woman over the years. She was born on August 18 in the year 1993. She is the second child of Mrs Love and Pastor Stephen Iwueze.

Rejoice was very beautiful when she was still a kid and she was admired by a lot of people, and up till today she is still looking very stunning and beautiful.

Although she have grown into a lady her courage and love for Gospel is still there, and she still have a melodious voice. She is still very famous and she has more than 100 thousand followers on Instagram.

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