The fantastic Nigerian Yoruba actress Oluwafeyikemi Agbola said yes to her lover today. This beautiful actress is so excited as she took to her social media platform, to share the good news with her fans and colleagues.

Sharing this good news, actress Oluwafeyikemi Agbola wrote;

I met this young, good looking Yoruba/Hausa guy the very first week I relocated to Abuja. The kind of energy he emitted was so strong, and he was so certain and confident that he had found his wife. I made jest of him a lot in my mind, like you have never seen anything, better let me be. But he was so persistent, consistent and steady. You won’t believe that he didn’t even ask for my WhatsApp details, I kept receiving early morning messages like I was in secondary school. He wanted to know everything about me, he kept asking so many questions but I was so uninterested in another relationship, especially that ‘talking phase’. Fast forward to lockdown period, I entertained a few long calls and that was it. But despite my strong head, this boy’s stubbornness pass mine, his anthem was ‘I die there’. A few months later, I started feeling his ‘Concept’, so I decided to start putting it in my prayers, so that my blessings won’t pass me by. That was how I fell in love with him. I was convinced and I decided to go into an exclusive relationship with him. So I said Yes to Boo, like I fondly call him she said.

So actress Oluwafeyikemi Agbola is off the single market, as she has finally said yes to her heartbeat. Oluwafeyikemi Agbola is a talented Nigerian Yoruba actress, movie producer, scriptwriter, entrepreneur, brand ambassador, brand influencer and a skillful role interpreter. Oluwafeyikemi Agbola is one of the most sought after actresses we have in the entertainment industry. Oluwafeyikemi Agbola has won several awards and nominations to her name. Oluwafeyikemi Agbola has acted with top actresses and actors in the movie industry. Oluwafeyikemi Agbola can fit into any movie role given to her with perfection. Oluwafeyikemi Agbola is no doubt a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry

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