Comedian Woli Agba call out person impersonating him on Facebook (video)

Popular Nigerian comedian, Wole Agba, whose real name is Ayo Ajewole, has strongly spoken against impersonation.

In a video on his Instagram page, the comedian issued a strong warning to the person impersonating him, asking people to be wary of his tactic to dupe. Woli Agba said that reports reaching him said that there is a person on Facebook with his profile picture calling for an audition in Abeokuta and asking people to pay for it.

The performer said that it is all false as he is not the person behind such an account spreading the information. He, therefore, appealed to his followers to help spread the truth and inform people not to fall prey to the criminal.

The comedian said he is not calling for an audition as his impersonator said. Photo source: Instagram/Woli Agba, GLTrends Source: Instagram Woli Agba turned most part of the video into a comedian skit as he infused great humour in condemning the act of impersonation. He said that he once trekked long distances in Ibadan and hawked before he got famous, telling the person to also follow the hard but fruitful process of achieving success.

Watch the video below:

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