Comedian Elder O set to remarry eight years after his ex-wife died during childbirth

Popular Lagos based Comedian, David Ugochukwu professionally known as Elder O has found love again and set to remarry eight years after the death of his wife.

According to information gathered by Kemi Filani News, Comedian Elder O would be walking down the aisle with a beautiful damsel, Chiamaka Ukeje from Akpulu in Imo state.

Elder O had lost his wife during childbirth, few months after their wedding.

Comedian Elder O, married his late wife , Charity Odoemelam traditionally on February 1, 2014 and sadly buried her on December, 30th same year, after she died during the birth of their first child.

The Funny Man whose annual show, Comic Relief is set to hold November 25 has so far kept to his promise of waiting for 5 years before remarriage.

“He stayed 8 years before remarrying because he wanted to properly take care of his son. It wasn’t easy, but he tried his best. His wedding has been fixed for January,” a close source confirmed.

It was earlier reported when Comedian Elder O penned down some shocking revelations about the kind of life his wife lived before her demise and reasons he banned photos during her burial, as well as lessons for other married couples to take home.

The length story reads: “It’s throwback Thursday and I am throwing it all back to 2014…..biko nobody should come here to post condolence messages,it’s 5 years already since she went to be with the Lord and baby Nkem is already resting in peace..I said I will mourn her for 5 yrs before I move on and today I just want to celebrate her and advice some people lol.”

He continued: “The word procrastination is real and every young man or woman should do away with it,it takes so little to make your spouse happy. Do not wait until you have millions before you make her happy because no one knows tomorrow. One thing that I consoled myself with is that I took her to so many places she only dreamt of going to,gave her the kind of wedding she dreamt of with loads of her favorite celebrities in attendance😉😉. Some days I go just go one 5 star hotel and pay for dinner for two and a room,once I get into the room I will call her to come over and from there we will visit so many sweet places,it was few months of sweetness and grove…. I didn’t wait till I become Alibaba.”

Comedian Elder O continued: “Her death came as a shock to me but trust me,we had a good wonderful marriage in that 9 months that our union lasted….it’s not how long but how well.

We had so many memorable moments together and she was an amazing human,at some point she even began to act and behave like me lol.

I remember the day she made me angry and I went to bed and faced the wall,she came in later and touched me and i threw her hands off me and she said ‘’ honey no even try am o,that we are quarreling does not mean that junior and his sister are quarreling too please don’t drag them into a quarrel wey no concern them…’’. She touched me again and I said leave me alone but she knew that I didn’t mean it,then she touched the ‘’junior’’ and the idiot rose up and the rest was history. That was our last quarrel.

There are weeks I declared ‘Kitchen free week’ and for one whole week no one goes to the kitchen to put on the gas,we ate outside….anywhere lol. Because I made her understand that I didn’t marry her for the kitchen alone.

She was a Manchester United fan and I support Chelsea,I remember the day we had a bet during Chelsea vs ManU match and we agreed that anybody his/her team wins will carry the other person on the back to the bus stop in the morning and useless ManU won.You needed to see how the whole street gathered to watch us in the morning while I carried her to Johnson bustop 😁😁.

That was how we also placed a bet before she went for scan when she became pregnant,I told her I wanted a girl because my mum had us 6 boys without a girl,she said she wanted a boy. We come bet sey anybody wey win go give the baby name…now you know how the name Chimaobim came about 🤓🤓😁. Sometimes we wrap papers and do a draw on who will cook for the weekend 😁. The sweetest of them all is the day that I had issues with a neighbor named St Michael,as we dey argue man to man she came and want to jump in,I just turned and looked her straight in the eyes….she kept quiet and walked back to the house,chai that one sweet me eh people come dey look me as the real chairman of the house. Few minutes later she came out and dragged me inside and we……..

He concluded: “These are the main reasons why I didn’t allow anybody to take pictures of her funeral….I want to remember her with the good times we shared together.

Create memorable moments with your spouse,cherish one another because no one knows tomorrow.”

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