“Cardi B of Lagos” Nigerians react as James Brown’s sister wows with her catwalk

Nigerian transvestite, James Brown younger sister, Gracious Brown has become a subject of ridicule after she shared a video of herself giving a ‘global standard’ catwalk.

The influencer who is following her brother’s footsteps wowed viewers with some Cardi B moves and netizens couldn’t help but mock her.

With her boot heels and sheer top, Gracious Brown tried the ‘Cardi B’ catwalk skills and got poor reviews.

arikhe_ade01 : I am rolling on the floor

prettynoviyon : Lagos State Cardi B

zay_jajere : Wahala be like skeleton

__girlliketianah : Cardi B isonu

kim_lotana : Opor ooo cardi b ketu

Watch the video below;

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