“Be Grateful And You’ll Always Be Blessed” – Actress, Mo Bimpe

It is no longer news that Adebimpe Oyebade popularly known as MO Bimpe, and Adedimeji Lateef are all set to tie the knot after the popular actress confirmed it.

The pair had successfully hidden their true relationship status but occasionally teased their fans by sharing on set wedding photos.

The thespian had flaunted her engagement ring while sitting down and posing for the camera.

In a recent chat with N aija Society News, the actress opened up about their love life and why she agreed to get married to Lateef Adedimeji:

“Well, Mo-bimpe can be pregnant tomorrow but as we speak right now, I am not pregnant. “I don’t know, you know a lot of people just feel that when you are preparing for a wedding, they believe that you are doing that simply because you are pregnant. That’s the kind of society we are.

“They may think that why did he want to marry her if not pregnancy? You know how rumour mongers reason. In fact, that’s the comment I have been getting on my page. It is because she is pregnant that is why they came up with the wedding plans. For now, I am not pregnant.”

In a post shared hours ago on her Instagram page, MO Bimpe advised her fans to show gratitude at all times so that they will be blessed.

She wrote;

“Be grateful and you’ll always be blessed🤍”.

Peep the post below.

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