The #slowmochallenge had just begun trending and we weren’t just ready for another banger. Then we finally have another called the #bussitchallenge, a trend on Tiktok where ladies dress casually or probably in their pyjamas. They dance to the song, rock low on their heels and when they finally squat, they change into hot dresses and dope make-ups.

Celebrities are beginning to join the trend and Nollywood Actress, Mercy Aigbe also did hers but her first attempt did not end well as she fell while trying to squat

Mercy has finally made a comeback days after and the wait is actually worth it, rocking low perfectly and changing into a hot red dress after her squat.

But to be honest, things like this has just given Nigerian something to be happy about in the midst of the pandemic and economic hardship.

Watch the video below;

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