Alesh Ola Sanni Reveals The First Thing He Does After Shooting X-Rated Scene

Nollywood actor, Alesh Ola Sanni, has revealed the first step he takes after shooting an x-rated scene in a Nollywood movie.

The actor and filmmaker stated that because of the nature of his work and family life, he makes sure to send behind-the-scenes clips to his wife as soon as possible after filming.

According to Alesh Ola Sanni, this process is important to him because he wouldn’t want any misunderstanding between himself and his wife so he made sure he got used to the process.

“If I should do any nudity movie, I used to have the behind the scenes so once I’m done with it I always send it to her right away because this movie can come out anytime and you will see it. Nobody is perfect but we must use our common sense.If someone wants to be in a relationship with a public figure, you should be able to accept a lot of things that you will be seeing because you know not everything is real on social media, they will say so many things about you with so much scandal, and so are you ready for all those things?

“One thing I always tell my wife is that do not believe whatever you see on social media until I confirm it to you. Trust is love and everything but if we don’t trust each other, forget about it.”

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