Actor Yomi Fabiyi has turned off the comment section of his Instagram account while under fire over his new movie. 

LIB had reported that the filmmaker was accused of making a movie about Baba Ijesha’s rape saga and using real names of those involved in the case. Fabiyi was also accused of making it look like the minor was having an affair with Baba Ijesha who is now facing trial for child molestation and sexual abuse. 

A quick check by LIB revealed that he turned off his Instagram comment section while promoting the controversial movie. 

Actor Yomi Fabiyi turns off his Instagram
Actor Yomi Fabiyi turns off his Instagram

Yomi Fabiyi also shared a post addressed to those he claimed are dropping abuses and threats on promotional posts about the controversial movie. The comment section of the post was also turned off. 

It read; 

If you know you know.

What an irony, those enjoying “INFAMY” also regard themselves as celebrities and public figures with positive influence and impact, disgusting.

You are who you follow, copy, read from or listen to online or offline. Check yourself, can you wish your child inherit such passion from you with regards to who you follow or get addicted to online?

Little did you know kids observe and they will inherit that legacy from you. Re-arrange your philosophies now, not too late. Stop getting addicted to nonsense and evil in the name of social media or relieving pressure. You become more toxic and demonic. Witchcraft is not by sucking blood. Don’t create fake accounts to indulge such dirts.

Whoever or Whatever is telling you, I will FINISH YOMI and he will never amount to anything again is your unknown enemy, run from them. Aja alaseju lo ma n lepa ekun. Caveat!

“OKO IYABO MOVIE” now showing on OLEKU TV on YouTube. A must watch for every parent.

Written & Produced by: Yomi Fabiyi

Actor Yomi Fabiyi turns off his Instagram

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