Actor, Yinka Quadri appointed into APC independent campaign group

Veteran actor Yinka Quadri has been appointed as the director of entertainment for Tinubu-Shettima and Sanwo Olu Hamzat independent campaign group under the umbrella of APC.

Yinka Quadri took to social media to announce the good news. He wrote:

Congratulations to me as the director of entertainment, TINUBU-SHETTIMA & SANWOOLU-HAMZAT independent campaign group ( ICG) under the umbrella of APC

I appreciate the chairman of ICG Cardinal James Omolaja Odunmbaku for the chance given to me on behalf of all entertainers. My devotions and loyalty will be purely for the progress of the upcoming February 2023 election..

Renewed Hope.. Alhaji Yinka Quadri.

In another post, he wrote:

Live at the swearing in ceremony of Directors, Deputy directors, assistant directors and secretaries of TINUBU-SHETTIMA, SANWOOLU-HAMZAT independent campaign Group (ICG)

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