“A Lot Of Fathers Broke Their Daughter’s Heart Before Any Man” – Actress Funmi Awelewa Laments

Emotional heartbreak has been on the rise these days, with many people lamenting of collecting “breakfast” from their romantic partners. However, one Actress feels that for many women, this heartbreak did not just begin when they started dating.

In a post which she made on her social media page, Funmi Awelewa claimed that a lot of Fathers did things that broke their daughters’ hearts at a young age, even before the girls grew up and started getting into romantic relationships.

The Actress said that things like this ends up affecting the whole life of the girls when they grow up. See her post below.

Funmi Awelewa may not be far from the truth, as it is well known that a child’s experiences at a young age has a way of impacting their whole life.

So a girl who was treated badly by her father, maybe through abuse of any kind, may grow up hurt, until she decides to take steps to heal herself of the past pains.

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