3 Things That Make Christians To Lose The Anointing Of God Upon Their Lives- Mike Bamiloye

Evangelist Mike Bamiloye who is the founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, revealed 3 things that can make a Christian to lose hold of the anointing of God in his or her life.

According to what the posted on his official Facebook page, the clergy man said that it is easy for a man to forgotten by others if God too has forgotten him. That statement simply means that God is the reason for the fame of every successful Christian and when God is not present in the life of a Christian, things will eventually begin to fall apart.

Furthermore he went on to say that “you must not lose His presence and because of pride, self importance and self glorification.

That means that this three features, pride, self importance and self glorification is a great offence before God and the reward for it is losing God’s anointing.

Pride was the same thing that made Lucifer to be cast down from heaven and was reduced from being an arch angel to a devil called satan.

Lastly, Mike Bamiloye made said that “the moment His presence leaves a man, His Anointing also depart with it”.

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